Baltinache Lagoons

The complex of Lagunas Baltinache are 7 lagoons located in the central valley between the Domeyko mountain range and the Sal mountain range. The sterile landscape in the middle of nowhere and the distance of the place made it quickly gain popularity and acquire the name of "Lagunas Escondidas" where we will find 7 lagoons in the middle of a small salt flat where two of them are suitable for bathing having the same effect of automatic buoyancy like in the Dead Sea and the other 5 surprise visitors for their beautiful colors that contrast the sterile landscape that surrounds. After the bath, you should visit the facilities for a fresh water shower and enjoy a delicious snack to finish the excursion contemplating the sunset at the viewpoint of the salt mountain range.


During the tour after an hour of travel along a rugged road we will arrive at the place where the lagoons are. We will visit directly the number 7 where you can bathe and thwe  will give the corresponding instructions, then you can choose to return by the same path and if you want to take a bath in lagoon number 1. After that we enjoyed a snack and visited the place to see the sunset.


 Recommendations: Go with light clothes and swimsuit and towel, hat and sunscreen, footwear for wild soil, sandals and at least 1 liter of water per person.


Schedule: We start the tour from the agency at 14:50 and we return after sunset


 Average height of the excursion will be 2300 meters above sea level

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