Patricio Oses and Volcán Paniri Tours

Living in the north of Chile since always, from a young age, I was able to appreciate the unique beauty that the Atacama Desert offers and to break the classic stereotype that in the desert there is nothing, only earth and sun, wind and dust, but the reality is completely different. Those of us who live in this arid world far away and forgotten by centralism, we are able to live and enjoy the wonders that this inhospitable environment offers, knowing that we have one of the most wonderful places internationally known throughout the world as San Pedro de Atacama, where unparalleled landscapes and the mystique of the place offers unique views that captivate and leave breathless the most emotional people, colors and contrasts are manifested in a matter of minutes in a colorful sunset, in rainy times wonderful rainbows are manifested and impressive thunderstorms illuminate even the darkest night, captivating many and terrorizing others. It is one of the most photogenic places in the world and amateur and professional photographers know it.

From a young age I felt the need to transmit the wonders that I saw every day to the whole world to teach them the wonders that this arid and inhospitable desert offers, so the classic stereotype would be eliminated and everyone would see the wonders of this beautiful place. So with photography and video I manage to capture unique moments and transmit them in some way to the world.

Volcan Paniri Tours:
In our tourism company we are known for providing excellent tourism at the right price, making things simple but with unique details that only we provide, so we make a difference and transform excursions into a family outing without leaving the professionalism that characterizes us and providing complete information in all aspects that are typical of San Pedro de Atacama (Flora, Fauna, Geology, History and Heritage, Local Stories, etc) and in all the excursions we do. In addition, we offer a friendly tourism with the environment encouraging our customers to follow the rules of national parks, respect the fauna and not disturb it, leave zero traces in the places we visit and respecting the rules in general. Finally, we offer a more personalized service with a typical group of a maximum of 6 participants, guaranteeing a more personalized and not massive service. We also offer services to larger groups after coordination with us.

We have been operating in tourism for over 9 years with very good comments and satisfaction from our customers, but we have also lived in the desert all our lives, which the client thanks to receive local knowledge and local stories about how this wonderful land was transformed little by little until what we see today. We have seen how the desert surprises in a subjective way and we try to make them see our wonderful land with new eyes and thus annihilate the stereotype that in the desert there is nothing. In this way our customers are amazed and eager to return again.

About me:

I am 34 years old at the moment and I work as a tour guide and photographer in our company, making photographic and personalized tours and guaranteeing an excellent performance in everything.
I currently have two certifications in the field of tourism
-Company skills of ChileValora
-Sello Q for tourist quality SERNATUR

As a tourism guide and photographer in conjunction with the tourism agency we offer the following services:
-Regular tours
-Private Tours
-Tours to special places and throughout the great north of Chile
-Photo sessions
-Printed pictures
-Sale of digital photographs for personal or commercial use
-Sale of videos for personal or commercial use
-Sale of timelapses for personal or commercial use
-Photographs on request

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