This is a new fullday in which we will visit unique and rarely visited places. We will start a few hours before dawn to depart in the direction of Laguna Lejia, one of the wonderful lagoons that usually only tourists who are going to ascend the Lascar volcano can see it. The idea is to bring before sunrise to get some beautiful photographs and also appreciate the wonderful mirror effect that this lagoon offers. At this time we will also offer you a delicious breakfast to recharge your energies. After completing this stop we will approach Lascar volcano to admire its beauty and obtain beautiful photographs.

Then we will visit a hidden wonder, Cerro Overo, it is a special type of volcano with an immense open crater 600m in diameter and 50 meters deep, located at 4550 meters high. If they have resistance to the height there is the possibility of making the descent to their crater to obtain an impressive 360 ​​° view.

After this stop we will begin to return to San Pedro using the same road, but we will make some arrests such as the Tropico de Capricorn, Mirador al Salar de Atacama, Lascar volcano viewpoint, Tumbre sector, Talabre Viejo viewpoint. We will also visit the town of Talabre where we will do the last activity. A walk of 1 hour to an hour and a half through the Quezala gorge where we will find rock art from the Lican Antay culture, mainly petroglyphs and some Pictoglifos.

At the end of the walk we will eat our lunch at the end of the path under the shade with a beautiful view of the Salar de Atacama, at the end we will return to your hotel.