El Tatio Geysers

 Los Geysers del Tatio is a wonder of nature located 90 km north of San Pedro de Atacama. It is the third largest geyser field in the world after Yellowstone in the USA and the Kronotski nature reserve in Russia. The basin of more than 10 square kilometers of surface houses a great variety of geothermal manifestations such as real geysers, fumaroles, hot pools, source geysers, mud geysers among others. The excursion takes place in the early hours of the morning arriving in the area before dawn to appreciate the manifestations at their maximum splendor.


During the tour you will visit sites such as the main terrace path with breakfast after the tour, then the intermediate terrace where you can find hygienic services and a thermal pool where it is possible to take a bath in hot springs. Those who do not want to take a bath can choose to walk the path of the area to appreciate the activity of larger and perpetual geysers such as "El Asesino", "La Concha" and "La Llama". Then we leave the geothermal field making stops as in the Vado de Putana where there is an ecosystem rich in variety of birds and incredible views of the landscape that surrounds us. Finally we visit the village of Machuca where the classic is to taste the local gastronomy or enjoy its picturesque architecture.


Recommendations: Go with warm clothes for temperatures below zero or close to that point (from 3 ° in summer to freezing -20 ° in winter) thermal gloves, footwear for rough terrain and thermal in winter, scarves, swimsuit and towel , water, sunscreen. On the night before the trip, avoid drinking alcohol and eating red meat, rest well and stay hydrated.


Schedule: It is usually from 04:30 to 05:00 the pick up in hostels and return at noon, the schedule may vary depending on the season and changes of time made by the government, in any case they will be notified of the schedule.


Average height of the excursion will be 4200 meters above sea level

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