Cejar Lagoon

The Cejar Lagoon is a complex of salt lakes located south of San Pedro de Atacama, in this place in the Atacama Salt Flats we will find 3 brackish water lagoons where two of them are only for contemplation and one is suitable for bathing, two for photographs are "Cejar" and "Baltinache" and the one suitable for the bath "Piedra". The environment in the middle of the desert surrounded by unique flora of the sector and with imposing mountains in the distance move the traveler towards a unique and special experience given the qualities of its waters where they allow to float automatically as in the "Dead Sea", one for mandatory without place to doubt.


 During the tour you will visit the Laguna Cejar complex where you will take a bath in its waters, the enclosure has baths and showers to remove the body salt (mandatory), as well as dressing rooms for changing clothes. After this stop we visit the "Ojos del Salar" where we will find two small lagoons of natural origin, aligned and making two eyes appear in the middle of nowhere, we finish the excursion in the "Laguna Tebenquiche" where we will offer a snack with pisco sour and we will watch the sunset.


Recommendations: Go with light clothes and swimsuit, towel, hat and sunscreen, footwear for wild soil, sandals and at least 1 liter of water per person. Apply the sun protection cream 45 minutes before reaching the lagoon.


Schedule: In spring-summer it starts at 3:50 pm from the agency and in autumn-winter from 14:50. The return is after sunset.

Average height of the excursion will be 2400 meters above sea level

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