The "Vallecito" is located in the salt mountain range, like the famous Valley of the Moon and the Valley of Mars, therefore, the landscapes that we can find are similar, with beautiful and intricate geological formations that were carved from Throughout millions of years, we can find beautiful and gigantic sand dunes, the classic Martian landscape that everyone knows and a white surface covered by salts and minerals.

Throughout the tour we will visit various spots where we will admire the beauty of this unique place and finally we will wait for the sunset in a sector with a beautiful panoramic view of the environment. After sunset we offer a delicious cocktail while night falls and in that way we continue with the second part.

It is time to visit the famous “Magic bus”, an old bus abandoned in the middle of nowhere that offers us a perfect place to carry out our astrophotography session. In the first place we will appreciate the beauty of the night sky with the naked eye, where a brief astronomy talk will be given and the most relevant celestial bodies of the moment will be marked with laser.

After this talk we begin with our astrophotography session where we will take all the photos you want for the duration of the session and also if you bring your own camera we will teach you how to capture the beautiful Milky Way.
Recommendations: Wear light clothing for the beginning of the activity, but also bring warm clothing for the night session, since temperatures drop considerably. Bring protection for the sun, at least one liter of water per person and outdoor footwear is ideal.

Hours: From 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (consult at the moment)

Maximum altitude: 2500 above sea level