Are you passionate about photography and interested in being in incredible places to capture unique photos?

Then the Atacama Photo Expedition is exactly what you are looking for. It does not matter if you are an amateur, semi pro or professional, in these expeditions you will be able to capture unique moments and along the way learn new techniques and knowledge if you require it. In addition, it will not only be a photographic trip, but you will also learn about all the related areas in each visit we will do, such as flora, fauna, geology and above all the history of the local people called Atacameño or Lickan Antai with more than 12000 years of history.

During the days that the expedition lasts, we will visit unique places at the best hours in order to have the best lights in our photographs, for the same reason, our schedules will be completely different from the classic tours that you can find in the area.
In addition, we guarantee a High end service where they will have at their disposal everything they need to make their adventure unique in the various sites that we will visit. Snacks and drinks will be available at all times, thus accompanying each activity with snacks that are according to the situation. We will use high-end 4x4 vehicles to guarantee safety and at the same time comfort in the trips, therefore the shared service is only for 3 people per vehicle.
It should be noted that some sites that we will visit are outside the San Pedro de Atacama area in lesser known places, but with enormous potential, in addition you can request the extended version in which we can reach the I region of Tarapacá and the XV region of Arica and Parinacota where the desert and the highlands offer unique scenarios, in this way expeditions can be developed throughout the great north of Chile.
We have two services available according to the needs of each one.

-Private Service: As the name says, all the service is private and totally personalized based on the client's requirements. It will be at your disposal 24/7, that means that you can plan the outings at all times possible and based on the photographs you want to obtain. The duration of this service is totally customized and can be from a few days to several weeks.

-Shared service: Groups of 3 people per vehicle, with a pre-established itinerary which includes departures in low light hours (departures before dawn and departures before sunset combined with night departures) Several possible itineraries will be proposed and will be to vote among the participants. Usually these packages are 6 days and 5 nights
* In both modalities, one or more outings with all-inclusive camps will also be included in order to spend the night in unique places and dedicate more hours to photography without worrying about transfer times. They are subject to seasonality
* There are no predefined dates, shared groups are created as the first reservations are made, anyway, we will gladly propose the best dates considering the lunar period in order to have the best astrophotography sessions.

Packages include the following:
-Transfers to and from the airport
-Hosting (if you want to use your own lodging it is possible)
-Meals, Breakfasts in the field for the AM departures, Lunch and dinner in a restaurant in the town, snacks and drinks at all times in the vehicles, Lunch and dinners in the field on the days that are full days and / or camping.
-Entrance fees to parks that require it
-Oxygen and emergency kits in each vehicle
-High-end 4x4 vehicles and with all the corresponding legal regulations
-Field guides of flora and fauna
-Certified guides, registered in SERNATUR and with their corresponding daily first aid courses.

We have more than 8 years of experience doing photo tourism in the region, but a lifetime in the desert, therefore, we can take you to unique places that very few know and make you really feel and experience the Atacama desert.

Contact us to make your reservation and thus live a unique experience.

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