This easy difficulty trekking is the easiest and lightest route in the area. We will start in the Guatin sector making a first stop in the cactus valley, where we will take a short walk to take pictures of the dozens of cacti of the place and the waterfall that is not more than 15 minutes walk from the vehicle.

Then we drive again until we reach another sector where we start with the major walk that can last between 2 to 3 hours, where we will walk through the Puritama canyon towards the hot springs of the same name. The walk is light, without many elevations and obstacles. Suitable for all types of people.

Along the way we will find ancient archaeological sites of the Lican Antay culture and also the presence of various birds and mammals called Vizcachas. At the end of the walk we will arrive at the Termas de Puritama complex where you can take a delicious bath in its medicinal waters and then we will offer you lunch on site.

Post lunch you can take a bath again or return directly to the hotel.