Rainbow Valley

This excursion combines breathtaking landscapes with history-heritage and geology, as we will visit the archaeological site "Yerbas Buenas" where the Atacameños or LickanAntai through rock art manifested themselves and left their mark on the rocks of volcanic origin of the place, moving to the participants thousands of years ago in history in a place where the Atacameños lived. Finally the beautiful Rainbow Valley lives up to its name given that the unique geology of the Domeyko mountain range was manifested in a unique way in this place creating a unique landscape where we will see hills of different colors and shapes, all sculpted by erosion and mineral alterations that occurred to create beautiful colors in this natural canvas.

During the tour we will visit first the archaeological site of Yerbas Buenas to appreciate the rock art of the area and receive a local history class, also on the route we can find camelids like llamas and guanacos where we will make stops to admire and photograph these beautiful animals. Finally, after breakfast we will go to the Rainbow Valley where we will make a main walk along the path created to admire the geology and unique landscapes of the place.

Recommendations: Go with light clothes and a coat for the morning, hat and sunscreen, footwear for rustic soil and at least 1 liter of water per person.

Hours: Possible to do it at the morning or at the afternoon

Average height of the excursion will be 3200 meters above sea level