This fullday excursion is focused on the heritage of the Lican Antai culture as we will see several unique and uncrowded places.

The first visit is early in the morning to go to Tocopilla and visit the world's third largest geoglyph field, Chug Chug, halfway to the desert. Here on the hills of the pampa you can see hundreds of images on its slopes where geometric, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images are distinguished. This site is part of an old caravan route that connected the coast with the desert and highlands of the region. In addition to our visit to the place here we will offer breakfast.

After this stop we have a long road to the town of Chiu-Chiu, where we will visit the Pukara de Lasana, an old fortress in the middle of the Loa river, where we have the possibility to walk in the middle of the ruins and also visit the museum from the park. Then we will visit the town of Chiu-Chiu where we will find the oldest church in Chile and we will also eat lunch in a typical food restaurant.

After our lunch, we will make a long trip to the Taira sector, where we will walk for approximately 45 minutes along the Loa river ravine until we reach the site called "Alero de Taira" a large mural full of very well preserved pictoglyphs due to its difficult access and natural protection of the elements. In its walls we will be able to appreciate great variety of petroglyphs and zoomorphic and anthropomorphic pictoglyphs.

At the end of this visit we will have more than 2 hours trip back to San Pedro de Atacama.