The Monturaqui meteorite impact crater is one of the hidden wonders that the Atacama desert offers. Almost 3 hours from San Pedro de Atacama and along a path of poor conditions, one of the best preserved impact craters in the world is reached. This has dimensions of 370x350m and a depth of 34 meters, has a very preserved structure due to the little erosion it has received. Its impact date of more than 100,000 years ago is estimated, others even dating between 600,000 to 700,000 years, making it the oldest and best preserved crater in the world.

In addition, along the way we will be in the presence of unique landscapes and totally unknown to regular tourism, we can also have the presence of wildlife such as foxes, guanacos, suris, flocks of finchs and various birds. On the way back and depending on the time we can complement other stops.

There is the option to make this walk with night camp too, ideal without a moon to those who want to do astrophotography or with a moon to have a naturally lit landscape. As we can walk freely around the crater or descend to its center we can have a sky completely free of contamination and by having freedom when walking we will guarantee to have the milky way aligned with the crater always.

In the fullday version we will include everything you need such as water, breakfast, lunch, snacks, cold beers and wine, etc.

And in the two-day version with camp we will offer camping tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses.