Astrophotography tour

This tour is a new option for a night outing where we will visit some outdoor places away from light pollution to enjoy the wonderful night sky that characterizes the Atacama Desert. The tour is focused to contemplate the stars in the middle of nowhere, enjoy the silence and disconnect completely. Using a laser we will identify some objects and constellations to the naked eye since we do not use a telescope. Then we focus on the main objective of the trip is to capture the beautiful moment in a photograph, they are taken with the milky way photographs and various techniques such as lightpaint, also if you bring your own camera with manual mode at a time of the excursion we teach how to do astrophotography.

Recommendations: Go with warm clothes and something extra since after 23:00 the temperature drops, hat and scarf, footwear for rugged soil, tripod if you go with your camera.

Schedule: Pick up at your lodgings and schedule to be confirmed each month.

How the Milky Way looks every month:

Due to the rotation and translation of the earth, the night sky is not always the same, like the area of ​​the Milky Way that we will observe, so each month has a different sky and usually between April and November are the best months to observe, being the winter months the ideals but at the same time the coldest ones, then a gallery of how the Milky Way is seen every month: