How we will work on the new normality

Tourism around the world was severely affected by the current pandemic and until there is an effective vaccine we will have to work on this new normal.  

In Chile, the control of the pandemic has been improving over the months and due to the regionalization of the country, it was possible to maintain greater monitoring and control of the virus. Currently in the II region of Antofagasta and more specifically in the El Loa province (where the greatest tourist activity takes place), infections have dropped considerably and with this interregional trips for tourism activities have been allowed. 

 Chile this November 23 reopens its borders for international tourists who wish to visit the country with the sole condition of filling in a health form and having a negative PCR test with less than 72 hours, this opens a new opportunity to tourists from all over the world. world who wish to visit our country. 

  Here in the region, unfortunately at the moment all the attractive tourist parks are closed because the communities that administer them fear contagion from their population, which is mainly elderly, but in any case there are many options to do and experience the magic of the desert from Atacama  

Due to all this, sanitary protocols have been implemented to carry out tourist activities and we adhere to working with this new normal, it is because of that that our services will only be in the modalities of "Private Tours" and "semi private" with maximum 5 people. If you are a larger group feel free to contact us.  

In all our activities and after them, we will implement all the necessary protocols to avoid contagions and work in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, such as: 

 -Take the temperature of each passenger before each excursion  

-Use of alcohol gel at all times and easily accessible to passengers  

-Use of mandatory mask in vehicles  

-Disinfection of vehicles at the end of each activity 

  -Disinfection of any equipment that has been used  

-Request that each passenger fill out a health form  

This is an example of some of the measures that we can find in the "Guide to Good Management and Prevention Practices Against Covid-19" created by the Chilean Ministry of Health.