Private Tours 

Do you want an exclusive service? Visit special places or not offered? Would you like to visit the beautiful landscapes at special times?

 In these tours you are the one who will say where we are going, in addition the service will have an increase in quality in order to provide a unique experience. You can visit the classic attractions of the area and at the time that suits you best to avoid the tourist mass that usually visits each site at standardized times. In addition, we will provide you with a free professional photographic service where we will take incredible photographs and send them to your email. A certified local guide and a unique experience guaranteed!

 In addition to classic private tours, there are several routes of archaeological tours and visits to Alto el Loa (Chug Chug Geoglyphs, Chiu Chiu Town, Inca Coya Lagoon, Pukara de Lasana, Conchi Viaduct and Conchi Reservoir) you can find more information in the shop.

 You can consult for places out of the ordinary and other sectors of the great north of Chile, like abandoned nitrate mines, city of Iquique, altiplanic towns of the first region, town of pica and mamiña, red lagoon, and more!